Dog Rx Oral Flea or Flea/Tick Protection

Fleas can be a major problem for pets and their owners. Even if pets never leave the house, they can be exposed to these blood-sucking parasites. Preventing flea and parasite infestations is the best protection against them. For flea control for dogs, 1st Care offers prescription Comfortis.

Ticks are also a big nuisance and can carry deadly diseases, that can be spread from dog to human. Making sure your dog is protected against ticks is vital for your pet’s and family’s wellness. For those that encounter both fleas and ticks, 1st Care offers prescription NexGard.

Dogs must be seen by a 1st Care veterinarian at one of our clinics for a $25 Basic Rx Exam* (find out below how to get the exam for FREE) once a year to pick up prescription parasite control, unless you wish to obtain a refill for the same prescription product already obtained at a 1st Care clinic within a year. For prescription refills you must bring your original yellow 1st Care certificate (NOT the product box or envelope) to the scheduled clinic. Authorized prescription refills can also be purchased at our Administration office on Thursdays and Fridays with proof of pet’s previous prescription at 1st Care clinic within a year. Please call us ahead to arrange for this refill service. Click on Contact Us for more information.

*$25 Basic Rx Exam

Required once a year for all  Rx products. The Basic Rx Exam is FREE if purchasing a minimum of 6-mths supply on same-day visit or for puppies still growing.

What 1st Care offers:

Prescription Comfortis for Dogs

Month-long flea protection in a chewable tablet. Starts working in 30 minutes, kills fleas long before they can lay eggs. Don’t have to worry about contact as you would with topical flea controls and can’t be washed off. Dosage depends upon weight of dog. Must be given with a meal.

Minimum age: 14 weeks  Minimun Weight: 3.3 lbs 

Product Image
(6 dose display)
1 month supply* (single dose) 6 month supply (6 doses) Dog Size
 13044_005_xxl $18.50 $95.00 3.3-4.9 lbs.
     5-10lbscomfortis $19.00 $97.50 5-10 lbs.
     1-20comfortisdog $19.50 $100.00 10.1-20 lbs.
     20-40Comfortis $20.00 $102.50 20.1-40 lbs.
 Comfortis40-60lbs $20.50 $105.00 40.1-60 lbs.
 Comfortis60-120lbs $21.00 $107.50 60.1-120 lbs.

 ***$25 Elanco rebate offer for 12-mth purchase and $10 Elanco rebate offer for 6-mth purchase has been extended through 12/31/16***

Prescription NexGard for Dogs

Here’s the duo you’ve been asking for….month-long flea & tick protection in a very palatable chew. Starts killing fleas within 2 hours, so it kills fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. No worry with kissing your dog or puppy, can’t be rubbed off as with a topical and won’t dilute with bathing. Dosage depends upon weight of dog. Can be given with or without a meal.

Minimum age: 8 weeks  Minimun Weight: 4 lbs 

Product Image
(6 dose display)
1 month supply* (single dose) 6 month supply (6 doses) Dog Size
 Nexgard4-10lbs $21.50 $115.00 4-10 lbs.
 Nexgard10-24lbs $22.00 $118.00 10.1-24 lbs.
 Nexgard24-60lbs $22.75 $121.00 24.1-60 lbs.
 Nexgard60-120lbs $23.50 $124.00 60.1-121 lbs.

If you purchase a 6-mth box of NexGard plus 2 6-mth boxes of HeartGard on the same visit and for the same puppy/dog you are eligible for a $35 rebate back from Merial! In addition, 1st Care is offering 2 free doses of Nexgard for the same puppy/dog when purchasing the above mentioned offer. Goes through 12/31/16. Ask us about this fantastic offer!

If you only want NexGard we also have another special deal, if you buy a 6-pk, get a FREE DOSE! This deal will be good through 12/31/16

We do not charge tax to our customer, all prices listed are final price.