Cat Vaccines

See below for descriptions of our core cat and kitten vaccines. 1st Care only offers Vaccines for Kittens and Adult Cats that are 100% Adjuvant-free and 100% Thimerosal-Free. This is important because adjuvants can cause chronic inflammation that can lead to a vaccine-induced Sarcoma in cat’s that are genetically pre-disposed to such tumors. It is recommended that you never allow adjuvanted vaccines (also known as killed vaccines) to be given to your cat. Please take a moment to inform yourself with this article about the choice you have when vaccinating your cat. FVRCP (Also known as 3-in-1) – This is the core vaccination for both indoor and outdoor cats. It protects against rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia. These are viral diseases that can be transferred from cat to cat. Their symptoms can range from upper respiratory disease to death. This vaccination is given in a series to kittens, good for one year and then boosted every 3 years. FeLV (Feline leukemia) – Recommended as a core vaccine for all kittens, since cats under one year of age are at greatest risk for acquiring feline leukemia.  Also recommended for adult cats that go outside and interact with other cats.  Your kitten will require, and your adult cat may require a combo test prior to the administration of this vaccine.* Feline Rabies – Recommended for all cats that go outdoors, are traveling domestically or internationally or where required by law.

Low Cost Vaccinations and Services for Adult Cats:

Vaccine Packages Pricing
Complete Cat Care “Best Value” – FVRCP, Purevax FELV, FELV/FIV Combo Test, De-Worm (Round/Hook) $92
Cat Pack #1 – FVRCP, Purevax FELV                                                                                           Savings of $6.00 $50
Cat Pack #2 – FVRCP, Purevax FELV, FELV/FIV Combo Test                                              Savings of $12.00 $82
Individual Vaccines & Testing Pricing
Purevax Feline Rabies (adjuvant free and thimerosal-free) $26
FVRCP (3 Year duration, unless 1st year vaccine; also adjuvant/thimerosal free)      Less then $10 a year! $29
Purevax FELV  (adjuvant free and thimerosal-free) $27
FELV, FIV Combo Test  (Recommended Yearly for High-Risk Cats) $38

Please see here for a complete listing of kitten vaccinations and packages.