Puppy Vaccines

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but before you go out to play there are a few things you need to know. Due to an incomplete immunity system puppies should not walk on the ground in public or be exposed to public parks or areas where dogs congregate until at least 2 weeks AFTER the last series of vaccinations have been completed since they are in the highest risk category for acquiring parvo. Socializing your pup is very important, but health and safety first!

Vaccinate your puppy! As maternal antibodies decline (those are the natural antibodies that puppies get from their mom), puppies require a series of vaccinations in order to boost their immune system. We start vaccines at 8 weeks of age, with booster vaccines every 3-5 weeks until the puppy is 16 weeks old.

Puppy Vaccine Schedule

Age 8 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 18 Weeks
Vaccine Puppy Pack 1 Puppy Pack 2 Puppy Pack 3
Intranasal Bordetella X X
Round/Hook De-worm X X X
Thimerosal-Free Rabies X

To minimize the chance of a reaction, puppies are given the rabies vaccine 2 weeks after last set of vaccinations.

Puppy vaccines are good for one year.

Puppy Vaccination Packages

Services Pricing
Complete Puppy Care “Best Value” – 3 round puppy pack series + Rabies   Savings of $16! $140
Puppy Pack #1 – DA2PP, Deworm (Round/Hookworm) $36
Puppy Pack #2 – DA2PP, Intranasal Bordetella, Deworm (Round/Hookworm) $52
Puppy Pack #3 – DA2PP, Intranasal Bordetella, Deworm (Round/Hookworm) $52
Rabies (Thimerosal-Free) $16