Kitten Vaccines

All kittens need to be vaccinated. Both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk of disease when they are kittens. FVRCP (also known as 3-in-1) is the core vaccination for both indoor and outdoor cats. It protects against rhinotracheitis, calici and panleukopenia. These are viral diseases that can be deadly, and are easily be transferred from cat to cat. This low cost cat vaccination is given in a series to kittens, good for one year and then boosted every 3 years. FeLV (feline leukemia) is also strongly recommended for all kittens since cats under one year of age are at the greatest risk for acquiring feline leukemia.

Kitten Vaccine Schedule

Age 8 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 18 Weeks
Vaccine Kitten Pack 1 Kitten Pack 2 Kitten Pack 3
Purevax FELV X X
FELV/FIV Combo Test X
Round/Hook De-worm X X X
Purevax Rabies X

Vaccination Packages for Kittens

Services Pricing
Complete Kitten Care “Best Value” – 3 round kitten pack series + Purevax Rabies     $19 Savings! $185
Kitten Pack #1 – FVRCP, Deworm (Round & Hookworm) $36
Kitten Pack #2 – FVRCP, Purevax FELV, Deworm (Round & Hookworm), FELV/FIV Combo Test $86
Kitten Pack #3 – FVRCP, Purevax FELV, Deworm (Round & Hookworm) $56
Purevax Rabies $26