1st Care currently offers the following diagnostic/testing services:


Heartworm testing for Dogs

Find out more about Heartworm Here.

This test does require a small blood draw, please arrive within the first 30 minutes of scheduled clinic for this test.

We will have results on site within 10 minutes.

Test Pricing
Heartworm Snap Test – results in 10 minutes $33
Heartworm Snap test (Discounted) – if purchasing 6-months of Heartworm Preventative on same visit $25

1st Care Heartworm testing recommendations:

If puppy or adult dog is 7 months of age or older, then they will require a negative Heartworm Test before beginning any Heartworm preventative (HWP).

If a puppy begins HWP before 7 mths of age and then continues with a monthly dose, they will need their first Heartworm test (HWT) 1 year after beginning HWP.

If a dog has been on monthly HWP they will need to be re-tested annually, if they lapse in HWP by 6 weeks or more between doses, they will require a re-test before re-starting HWP.


Combo Testing for Cats

Tests for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) in Kittens/Cats.

Does require a small blood draw, please arrive within the first 30 minutes of scheduled clinic for this test.

We will have results on site within 10 minutes.

Test Pricing
FeLV/FIV Combo Snap Test – results in 10 min. $38

1st Care FeLV/FIV testing recommendations:

We recommend testing all kittens at 3 months of age as part of a full coverage package (The test is discounted when in combination with the vaccines).

Any new cat to the household should be tested.

Any cat who has never had a full Feline Leukemia Vaccine series or if more than 2 years have passed between boosters should be tested before FeLV vaccination before being vaccinating for Feline Leukemia.

If a cat falls in the high-risk category: involved in fighting, lots of contact with other cats, cats in the household known to be FeLV positive should be re-tested annually along with being vaccinated yearly for FeLV.


Distemper – Infectious Hepatitis – Parvovirus Titer Testing for Dogs

This blood test indicates whether or not your dog currently has protective levels of antibodies against each of the 3 viruses mentioned above.

Please remember that ALL puppies should receive their entire series of DHPP (up to 16 weeks of age), as this is the critical time when they are losing the maternal antibody protection. We do not want to discourage people from vaccinating puppies or young dogs. We offer titer testing as an option in order to minimize unnecessary vaccination, especially in older dogs or in dogs who have had a reaction to vaccinations in the past. We are excited to be offering this new service and hope that more people will see the benefits of titer testing!

This requires a blood sample, please arrive within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled clinic.

1st Care will receive the titer test results in a report within 1 week of sending to the lab, these results will then be sent by e-mail to the client.


Test Pricing
Titer Test for Dogs – results within 1 week $92

Scenarios that 1st Care would recommend Titer testing be done in place of re-vaccination:

Older Dog

Dog with Compromised Immune System

Dog with a previous severe reaction to vaccination


Comprehensive fecal testing for Dogs or Cats

The Comprehensive fecal testing uses a fecal sample from your pet and looks for eggs and parasites visible under a microscope in addition to using a special ELISA test to pick up on Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, and Giardia infection that wouldn’t otherwise be visible. This complex testing allows for parasites to be recognized earlier and more often than with conventional fecal testing methods.

This requires a same-day, fresh and moist fecal sample collected in a plastic container that can be purchased and provided to you during any mobile clinic. The dog or cat that you want tested must be present at the clinic so that our Veterinarian can examine them prior to taking home the fecal testing kit. We will help arrange when the sample can be dropped back off. The fecal sample must be collected on the same day it will be dropped off.

1st Care will receive the fecal test results in a report within 2-3 days of sending to the lab, these results will then be sent by e-mail to you along with nay recommendation for treatments.


Test Pricing
Comprehensive Fecal Testing Kit $45

1st Care recommends a comprehensive fecal testing for:

All Puppies, can be purchased at time of 1st vaccines

Adult dogs as part of their annual wellness along with necessary vaccines.

If your pet is sick than we recommend you go directly to your full-service Veterinary Hospital. We are providing this service to diagnose parasites in otherwise healthy pets, we are not equipped to treat sick pets.