Hygiene & Maintenance

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epiotic ear rinse

Epi-otic Advanced Ear Solution

  • 4 Oz easy-to-use bottle
  • For Dogs & Cats (All Ages)
  • Cleansing, Drying, non-irritating Antiseptic

CET Mouth wash

  • For Dogs & Cats (All Ages)
  • Antiplaque agent that inhibits plaque and calculus build up
  • Effective plaque control without brushing if used daily.
  • Should be used as a maintenance between full cleanings.

CET Oral Hygiene Kit

  • For Dogs & Cats (All Ages)
  • Contains dual-ended toothbrush (small/large)
  • Finger brush to begin introducing your pet to the feel of having their teeth brushed
  • Tube of Poultry-flavored Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • The best way to remove¬†plaque before it becomes, tarter leading to healthier teeth and¬†gums.
  • Also, great way to avoid “Doggie Breath”

CET Hextra Chews

  • For Dogs (Older Puppies and Adult Dogs)
  • Beef rawhide chew that contains Chlorhexadine, a powerful agent that inhibits bacteria in the mouth.
  • Effective reduction in plaque and tartar for maintenance between teeth cleanings.
  • Available in two sizes, Petite and Medium, both in 30 count bags

CET VeggieDent Chews

  • For Dogs (All Ages)
  • 96% digestible Z-shaped chew that contains soy, rice and corn.
  • No animal by-pruducts in this chew.
  • Works though mechanical removal of plaque and tartar
  • Also to be used as a maintenance between full cleanings.
  • Available in bag of 30 Regular-size chews