Dog Vaccines and Cat Vaccines

1st Care only carries the best vaccines available that are on the market for dogs and cats. We take special care and select the products we use with your pets best interest in mind. We feel that the better and cleaner the vaccine, the less chance of an adverse reaction, and more chance for a healthier and happier pet. The quality of vaccines that your pet receives is especially important for puppies and kittens as well as senior pets.

Low Cost Dog Vaccinations

1st Care provides the safest vaccines available and the most effective treatments and vaccine schedules for your dog or puppy. We prevent over-vaccinating by tailoring individual vaccine schedules to your dog’s unique lifestyle and our Vets follow the American Animal Hospital Association’s guidelines. We also have 100% Thimerosal-Free vaccines available, Thimerosal is a preservative often used in cheap vaccines that contains mercury.

Puppy Vaccines

Dog Vaccines

Low Cost Cat Vaccinations

Our goal at 1st Care, is to provide the safer vaccines products and effective treatments and vaccine schedules for your cat or kitten. We tailor individual vaccine schedules to your cat’s unique lifestyle preventing over-vaccinating and follow the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ guidelines. All of our low cost cat vaccines are 100% adjuvant and Thimerosal Free. Its extremely important to give your cat quality vaccines because cats and kittens can be prone to adverse reactions from the chemicals in cheaper vaccines and medicines.

Kitten Vaccines

Cat Vaccines