What is a microchip and how does it work?

A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice that is implanted beneath your pet’s skin. It contains a unique number used to identify the animal. This number links to your contact information in an online registry that allows shelters, clinics, veterinarians, and humane organizations to contact you if your lost pet is found. The microchip itself does not store your contact information.

A pet microchip is not a GPS or tracking device. You cannot get information on a lost pet’s location directly from the microchip. It is only when your lost pet is found, scanned, and searched in an online registry that someone will be able to contact you. This is why it is critical to keep your contact information current in an online microchip registry.

What type of microchip does 1st Care provide?


Pet ID for Life

1st Care provides pets with 911 Pet Chips. 911 Pet Chips are the AVMA-recommended ISO standard, and can be picked up by all universal scanners.

All 911 Pet Chips come with free online registration and lifetime online updates.

Visit http://freepetchipregistry.com/ to register your pet with all of your contact information immediately after they are microchipped.

911 Pet Chip is available in 2 sizes: the standard Chip having a 12g Needle, which is appropriate for most adult dogs and cats, and the TinyChip which has a 16g Needle and would be recommended for little dogs/puppies and kittens, and those that tend to be more sensitive.

Microchips Available Pricing
911 Standard Chip (Free Lifetime Online Registration) $20
911 Tiny Chip (Free Lifetime Online Registration) $25