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Q: My dog has a small dry patch on skin on his back, should I be worried?

A: This could be one of many things, your dog may have a bacterial infection or a hormonal imbalance. On the other hand it could be nothing other than an area he scratched a little too much. Keep an eye on it to see if it is bothering him, also look for any redness, swelling, or discharge. You should visit your local vet if you notice anything abnormal.

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What do you put in this field where it says 7 x = thirty five? 4/25/17
My 7 yr. old Corgie has a bump on his forehead and it looks like a red spot with a black center. We cleaned it out with alcohol and tried to remove it. When we cleaned it our it is smaller but still there. Its better but still there. He is not listless and is frisky and happy. Shall I bring him in to see the vet for a possible tick? I can’t get in until Saturday and is waiting that long ok? 4/25/17
We have a small dog mix chowchow/shihtzu turned 7 months today but was never given any vaccines not even the puppy ones. What packet would be best to get him at this point? :( 5/24/16
Hi Raven, How much does your pup weigh? He will definitely need 2 rounds of DA2PP (The Parvo-Distemper Combo) spaced 3-4 weeks apart, a 3-way Intranasal Bordetella-Adenovirus-Parainfluenza, as well as his first Rabies booster. Usually we recommend at that age doing Puppy Pack #2 (DA2PP, Intranasal Bordetella 3-way, and de-worming), coming back in 2 weeks for the Rabies, then in another 2 weeks for his Puppy Pack #3. If he weighs enough though maybe you can give the Puppy Pack #2 with the Rabies to at least start with all the basics. You can give us a call to discuss in detail at 855-755-8387. Also, it’s important until her is complete with his puppy series for you to keep him off the ground in public areas where sick dogs could have pooped or shed viruses.
Hello! I have two month old Jack Russel and I noticed drainage coming from her eyes. Even worse, she keeps trying to scratch them. I worry she’ll damage her corneas. Also, we are getting her first round of shots this weekend, meanwhile are there any precautions to take? Would it be alright for her to start going to dog training classes with other puppies? 4/17/16
Hi Karen, You should take your puppy in to a full-service Veterinarian for a check-up and expect that they’ll stain the eyes &/or skin scrape depending on presentation. Puppy classes are fine as long as everyone else is up to date on vaccines as well, after at least one or two rounds of vaccines. (I wouldn’t go w/o having at least one set of vaccines!) If you want to start basic puppy stuff ASAP consider an in-home trainer initially.
My cat has had a ltitle lump user her chin for over a year now, it started small, like maybe a pice of quinoa, and is now a little bigger than an eraser. There’s no hair growing from it, and it looks like there might be two together. It hasn’t seemed to bother her, though if she itches it, sometimes it bleeds a little. I have pictures. She turns into a demon spawn if I take her to the vet, she’s 15. 4/15/16
Hi Jessica, We recommend spraying carrier w/ Feliway 15 min before cat goes into the carrier for transport for vet visit (might help, won’t hurt). Also consider house call vet, cat only practice, or at least a practice that is AAFP cat friendly. The lump may be a mass or chin acne, can’t say w/o exam. At 15 the cat should be seen by a full-service vet ideally to do blood work and other diagnostics.
How common are vaccine reactions to the rabies vaccine you provide to puppies? And when do the reactions typically occur if they do? I am planning on taking in my 4mo old pup to get the vaccine tomorrow evening and just worried about leaving her alone the next morning while I go to work. Thanks! 3/9/16
While reactions to any vaccine is possible, 1st Care does everything we can to minimize reactions by using high quality vaccines and minimizing the number of vaccines given at one visit. Also, for puppies and kittens receiving their rabies vaccine for the first time, we always recommend giving the rabies by itself, just like you’re doing with your puppy. The rabies vaccine, like other vaccines, can often cause the pet to become a bit tired and perhaps a bit sore. This is the most common thing noted. Reactions such as hives or trouble breathing are very uncommon. Such reactions would occur within minutes to hours of the vaccine. In general, it’s always a good idea to know your nearest daytime and evening/weekend emergency clinic. (We do provide a list for you). Again, we can’t predict which animal is going to have a reaction, but we take every step we can to minimize this.
Hi my cats are both indoor cats and one of them is up for her annual exam soon. Do they really need to get a rabies vaccine and other vaccines every year if they are indoors only and don’t interact with other cats? What would you recommend for indoor cats if I like to be minimal in how much they are vaccinated? 3/7/16
We would like to know the age of the cats. No FeLV needed if both are strictly indoors. We follow AAFP guidelines to vaccinating cats, so the core vaccine, the FVRCP is only needed every 3 years for adult cats who have had a normal kitten series and their first adult booster. Rabies requirements for cats vary by area and if you elect to give a rabies vaccine, please get the Purevax! You can call our office at 855-755-8387 for more detailed recommendations.
We have a new puppy and she has worms in her poop.. First time pet owner please help. 2/15/16
Hi Jakelin, Give our office a call at 855-755-VETS. It’s a local # but toll-free. It’s important that your puppy goes through a full series of vaccinations and de-wormings. Regarding the worms, it depends what type she has as to what kind of de-womring you will need to do. We also offer a fecal test to detect even more intestinal parasites.
I have a rescue pup he is about14 weeks. He Iis lively has been wormed all jabs but his stools are very loose. I have ordered M&C Stool Hardner-UM is this safe to use if I cannot rectify this with other methods. Like giving rice, sweet potato etc.. 2/8/16
Hi Sue, Have you done a fecal on him, even with de-worming’s there can still be some parasites left causing GI upset. Give our office a call to discuss options at 855-755-8387
Bought a 3 yr old siberian husky. After I got home with her the ppl I bought her from said they had their dogs records messed up. So the dog i bought supposedly hasnt had shots since she was 6wks old. What shots does she need 1/31/16
Hi Kelly, At three years old, since she has not had her full puppy series completed. We would recommend doing a DAPP that will need to be boostered in 1 year, a Rabies that would need to be boostered in 1 year, as well as any other vaccines she may need due to her lifestyle. Give us a call at 855-755-8387 to discuss in more detail.
My 11 year old female bichon has a very bloated stomach, I haven’t noticed her in pain but she is more persistent on me rubbing her stomach lately and she seems calmer than usual (she’s always super energetic) and very stomach is warm. I’m very curious because she doesn’t seem to have the extreme symptoms that corespond with bloating. And she’s neutered. 11/30/15
Hi Rebecca, Definitely recommend seeing your regular vet, and expect bloodwork and x-rays. It’s always better to diagnose quickly, especially with older pets as problems can progress very quickly. If you need assistance finding a full-service Veterinarian with discounted exam fees in your area you can visit
I took my cat to our vet to address a lump on his neck and she also noted that he had gingivitis but provided no suggestions for treatment. I give him feline greenies on a daily basis. What would you recommend to treat his gingivitis? 11/7/15
HI Quinn, There are a number of products available to help maintain dental health between cleanings scheduled with your primary Veterinarian. 1st Care carries some CET brand toothpaste, but there is also a CET Water additive and rinse available. Another option, if the dental tartar is not too far progressed would be a Veterinarian-Supervised Non-Anesthetic Dental. There is one that we could recommend scheduled in Lakewood next week. Please call our office at 855-755-8387 to find out more.
Our almost 2 yr old minpin/chihuahua dog was not able to complete the 4 puppy vaccine. She only did 2 of the 4. What vaccines should be given to her now that she’s 2 years but never completed the 4 sets required as a puppy. Please let me know. Thanks 11/4/15
Hi Vina, We would recommend giving her a booster dose of DHPP and a Rabies. Depending on how old she was during the two vaccines that she received as a puppy, would determine how long we would consider those boosters good for. Give us a call at 855-755-8387.
My cat was diagnosed with urinary tract issues. She seems to retain calcium crystals, causing her discomfort when urinating. My vet said that her bladder felt inflamed and a urinalysis indicated no bacteria. I agreed to an inflammatory injection into her kidney. The problem is still there and the vet recommended as one of the options of treatment, to give her another shot to make her more comfortable. The medication was Pentosan, 0.06ml SQ. Is Pentosan and an injection into her kidney the right approach, even temporary? Thank you. 11/2/15
My cat has been seeing a vet for occasional blood in her urine. A urinalysis was conducted. She also received antibiotics, since her bladder seemed enlarged at the time. The test results said that it wasn’t an infection, but calcium crystals deposits made urination difficult and/or painful at time. She received a shot in her kidney and I adjusted her dry food accordingly. Everything seemed fine for about a month; now there’s blood again and there’s hardly urin when she does go to the bathroom. I already spend a good amount of money and nothing seemed to have been resolved. Thank you. 10/19/15
Hi Ute, You should definitely have your cat rechecked with your regular vet; expect an x-ray or bladder ultrasound to look for stones; a recheck urinalysis; culture & sensitivity of the urine; possibly a diet change; and pain medication. Also I’d recommend doing anything possible to increase fluid intake (canned food, add’l water to canned food, cat fountain, etc).
I my dog is one year and one month old right now. she need her adult vaccine in October. Can I bring her to your clinic? is there a exam fee for vaccine? 9/22/15
Hi Minnie, There is no exam fee to come into any of our mobile clinics to receive vaccinations for your dog. It seems that she may be getting her first adult boosters a couple months early if you come in October, based on how old she is right now. Give our office a call at 855-755-8387 so we can discuss the timing.
Our 6 year old cat needs rabies vaccination prior to bringing her to be groomed. How much does a rabies vaccine cost and do we need to see a vet to see the cat prior to vaccination? We only have enough funds for the vaccination. If we need to see a vet for a visit, how much will that cost each visit? 9/19/15
Hi Seveline, The Rabies vaccine that we offer for Cats is specifically made for them and does not contain adjuvants (chemicals added to vaccines that should be avoided with cats). A 1 year vaccination is only $26. There is no office visit fee and since we are mobile it is a walk-in service. Our licensed Veterinarian will administer the vaccine once they have determined that your cat is healthy enough to be vaccinated. There are no waste disposal fees either, so your visit will only be $26. Give us a call at 855-755-9397 if you’d like to discuss further :)
We are thinking of flying our dog to Alabama when we move. Do the doctors at 1st care offer the service of checking out the pet per airline requirements ( and provide the necessary documents ) to allow us to do so? If not, can you recommend a low cost option. Thank you so much. 8/25/15
Hi Jacqui, Yes we do offer the service of a travel certificate. We use the standard APHIS 7001 form that is acceptable for all domestic travel. The cost including the exam needed and the paperwork is only $45 with us. We do ask you to call us at least 3 weekdays before your planned clinic visit so that we can make sure you have what you need the day of and have your certificate pre-filled out. Normally the Health “Travel” Certficate must be signed within 10 days of air travel. Call us at 855-755-VETS to schedule an appointment for this.
Do you do deep teeth cleaning for dogs? If not, can you recommend a low cost vet that does in the 90066 area? I bring my dog, Peanut to your clinics at Centinela Feed for Trifexus and so appreciate all that you do! Her vet is AMC on Sepulveda and I have priced the deep cleaning with them but just thought I would ask you all if there was a low cost option. Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. Sincerely, Alison Nitschke 310-570-5955 8/4/15
Hi Alison, We do not offer deep cleaning at this time, you can find resources at to narrow down hospitals in your area and then start calling to get price quotes. Once your baby has gotten a full cleaning, we do have a non-anesthetic dental cleaning service that is supervised by a Veterinarian we can recommend, but it would be best used as a maintenance after the full cleaning. Call us at 855-755-8387 and we can give you more details.
We come to your clinic for vaccines. Our present problem is flea control. We are concerned that both Comfortis and Advantix caused our now 9 year old golden retriever to have a seizure within days of treatment (most recently the Advantix which also caused diarrhea). Our 3 year old small mixed breed also had diarrhea for almost a week (beginning 4 days after Comfortis). We are now battling fleas daily with flea combing, vinegar in food, lavender on bandana collars. We fear losing the war and also cannot expect our petsitter to do all of this when we go on vacation this month. Do you think Nexgard would be safe for them? Thanks so much! 8/4/15
Hi Tobiah and Susan, We recommend you take your 9 yr old golden into a full service Veterinarian to get to the bottom of what is causing the seizures. In the meantime, we would try NexGard on your smaller dog to help get a grip on this flea problem before they move you right out of the house. Negard does have the same warning about using with caution on dogs with a history of seizures, so you would need a full workup before beginning NexGard with your Golden. Call us if you have any questions at 855-755-8387
Hi my dog is 4 years old she has this small hard bumps in her back and im.not sure what they are h er skin always gets dry and flakey n she taking antibiotics for that but in concerned over these to bumps…? Any low cost vet i can take her to get seen? 8/1/15
HI Leslie, We have a resource where you can search for a low-cost Veterinarian in your area: Visit and click on Vet Care near the top that will open a search page. You can filter your results by putting your zipcode in and choosing particulars about what type of services you are looking for on the left hand side.
my cat is 17 years old and the vet said his skin and hair loss was do to allergies…i don’t think cat is getting thinner and skin has not improved and now he seems to have cat alziehmers and always wants to hide in dark places… 7/23/15
We recommend you check with a second vet for a second opinion, or at least request that a full senior blood and urine work up get done.
I think my dog got heat stroke last Sunday. She hasn’t been the same since. Drinking water, barely eating, hard time walking. She’s 13 years old and has arthritis. 7/19/15
We would recommend taking her into a full-service hospital asap. She is a senior pet and needs special attention if she is not eating much. I would not hesitate to take her in and get her assessed as conditions can get much worse very quickly. If you need some guidance as to where you can take your pet near you, please visit and click on Vet Care then narrow your search results by your zipcode. Otherwise, you can give us a call at 855-755-8387.
When is the best time to neuter for growth development with an xxl bred (Black Russian Terrier, sire is 30″ @140#, both parents good to excellent over all 7 AKC testing) He just turned 10 months old yesterday, and approx 100# ( he’s on eukanuba large bred puppy per breeders request). Is there a chance to stunt growth by neutering? Thank you for your expertize, Lisa 7/14/15
Hi Lisa, If you can be a very responsible pet parent and make sure that he stays away from female dogs and is kept securely contained inside the yard, then for proper joint development you can wait until after he is one year old to neuter him. If you are looking for the secondary male sex characteristics to fully develop then we would advise waiting until he is 1 year and 3 mths old. In the meantime if you decide to hold off on neutering, be aware that he will probably develop some undesired behaviors such as marking his territory, possibly being aggressive towards other males, etc.
My dog normally weighs between 18 & 20 lbs. His last vet visit he weighed 20.7. He has been on Trifexis for 10-20lbs. Is it necessary to give him the stronger dose if he is barely over the limit? 7/10/15
Hi Shirley, Do you intend to put him on a diet to bring him back down below 20 pounds? If he stays above 20 then yes he needs to get the next size up since 20.1-40# is a different strength tablet. Call us if you need help deciding at 855-755-VETS
i have a 14 week old chihuahua/min-pin mix puppy, named Kona. We took him into get his shots and was told he has a grade 5 heart murmur, what should I know and what will help him?? I have another tea-cup chihuahua, named Stormie, and she is in good health. I am not sure what to do now,they are my babies. 7/8/15
We definitely recommend you take Kona to a veterinary cardiologist so that the cause of the murmur, as well as any recommended plan for treatment or monitoring, can be determined.
Hi, We have a dog that is around 20 pounds and is approximately 7 to 8 years old. We began noticing that there was blood in her stool. Someone recommended that the beef dog food we were feeding her might be hard on her stomach. So we had her on fish dog food for about 3 weeks but we noticed no change. She is now back on the beef dog food. She is given an allergy shot once a month. She is given Comfortis once a month. Can you recommend anything else we should do? Thanks, Dianne 7/1/15
Hi Diane, If she has blood in her stool you should collect a sample and take it into a full service hospital to be checked out. They can do fecal testing there and rule our certain causes that could be more serious than an intolerance to the food you are feeding.
how much does it cost for blood testing…. want to check whether my dog is diabetic. he eats ravenously but seems to be very boney an has lost a few pounds recently. 6/26/15
Hi Audrey, At this time we don’t offer any kind of testing accept heartworm and Titer testing (to check on whether it is time to revaccinate a dog for DHP).
Hello, I have a 3 1/2 year old chipin and he has been scratching a lot behind his ear. So much that the fur is gone and its reddish with a yellow discharge. He has also been licking his abdomen where everytime I pick him up. There is a wet spot. What can I do to help him with his skin ccondition? Thank you for your help! 6/24/15
Hi Howard, We suggest you bring your pup into a full-service Veterinarian to check the ear for any infection and a possible topical treatment. He may have allergies which can also be assessed by the Veterinarian upon observation of his itchy areas. You can go to to find affordable Veterinarians in your area.
My mother recently took in a dog after her friend could no longer take care of him. Since he apparently had an additional previous owner we have no history of the dogs vaccines but he is believed to be about 2 years old. We would like to visit a clinic but need suggestion as to what testing is best for him. Thanks in advance. 6/24/15
Hi Anaya, Sorry for the delay we’ve been out of the office. Where did the dog live prior to being with you? That can help narrow down the testing that should be done. There are complete blood panels, Heartworm testing, Fecal testing, and Titer testing available at a full-service hospital. Give us a call at 855-755-8387 if you’d like to discuss in more detail.
I’m looking for dental cleaning and wonder if you provide it thru your program and where? My dog is 11 yrs old and this would be his first cleaning. His teeth are just starting to have light plague. I couldn’t get thru any numbers indicated on the web so I’m using this venue. Thank you and waiting for your response! 6/15/15
Hi Brana, We don’t offer this service at the moment but now is a really great time to start doing the non-anesthetic dental cleanings. Always make sure that there is a veterinarian supervising the cleaning as it is against the rules to not have one present. You can visit and then search under Vet Care and filter your results on the left hand column to what you are looking for and also nearby where you live.
My puppy had his first round of shots in April. Does it matter that it has been more than 4 weeks, or can he just get his second round of puppy shots? He is 7 months old. 6/14/15
Yes, if it ends up being more than 6 weeks between the sets than you will need to get your puppy 2 more rounds of vaccines boosters instead of this being the last booster for a year. Depends when the vaccines were given you may be right at or over the 6 week point. Give our office a call at 855-755-8387 to discuss your options :)
My dog has some round, hairless places on her chest. I found four places where the hair was matted to the skin and it came off in my hand. the spots are about the size of a dime or just a little smaller. She does not seem to be itching there and I was wondering if it could be ringworm or ant bites or possibly baby spiders. She lays in the dirt under the back porch. My other dog doesn’t have any spots on him at all. Thanks for your time. 6/8/15
Hi Linda, It could be any number of things, including ringworm, demodex, pyoderma, etc and it is impossible to know without seeing the dog. We would recommend you take the dog to the vet as it is easier to treat the problem the earlier it is diagnosed.
A dog that defeated parvo went pee on our sidewalk and my dog only had his 1st set of shots, is there a chance my dog can get parvo from it and he got his 1st set when he was a puppy and now is a yr old, do I have to restart the puppy shots? 6/1/15
Parvo is spread from feces not pee, however it would be highly recommended to get the next DHPP vaccine immediately. If over 1 year it won’t be necessary to do a full series again, however this next DHPP will only be considered good for one year.
My dog is having two problems currently and I’m not sure if they’re mutually exclusive. 1- just noticed my dog has two different areas with dark bumps that she continuously scratches. 2- she refused to eat anything today and just threw up yellow foamy vile (nothing inside) 5/12/15
Hi Talya, With the not eating and vomiting we would definitely recommend that you take the dog to see your vet today if possible.
Dear Veterinarian, We would like to ask for your help in catching the man who assaulted our friend. On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at about 10 am. the perpetrator assaulted a jogger on Pierce College’s cross-country course. The perpetrator was running with his THREE GRAY BOXER DOGS. If you have any information regarding the man or dogs, please contact us. If not, perhaps you can share this notice with your colleagues and friends. Thank you kindly. REWARD $5,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator for aggravated assault. (For pictures of the perpetrator and dogs, please email us.) HEIGHT: 5′ 11” – 6′ 00” WEIGHT: 175 – 185 lbs. HAIR: short dark brown/black COMPLEXION: dark BODY TYPE: athletic; powerful, muscular upper body, slim waist AGE: 23- 28 years IDENTIFYING MARKS: unknown Tel: 818-371-8214 Please share on social media 5/10/15
My dog’s right ear is a red inside & she’s been itching it a bit. It doesn’t seem like it’s bothering her too much…but I don’t want it to get worse if it’s the beginning of an ear infection. Is there something I can put on it like neosporin, peroxide, apple cider vinegar? Any suggestions?? Thanks! Amy 5/4/15
Hi Amy, We have a product available at our mobile clinics called Epi-Otic Advanced. You can read more about it at You can try this at home for a few days and see if the redness diminishes, otherwise you will need to take her into a full service Veterinarian for an examination of her ear and possibly an Rx product to treat whatever may be going on.
Rescued a 15 yr old female mini pin/Chihuahua mix. Vet said she has 4 back teeth that need to be extracted however, she has a raging grade 8 heart murmur. Should I just leave the 4 back rotten teeth alone due to the risk of anestasia during surgery ? 4/13/15
Recommend consulting with a veterinary cardiologist, as he/she will be able to assess the degree of heart disease, recommend treatments, and advise if anesthesia is a good idea.
I young cat is walking with her head tilted to the side. what is wrong? 4/3/15
Hi Robin, It could be an ear infection or it could be something more serious like a neurological problem. I would recommend taking the cat to be examined by a vet. A great resource to find a vet near you (if you don’t already have one) is
Can we take our puppy to a friends house that has dogs or work where there’s no dogs around her? She is 9 weeks old and has her first set of shots but not Dewormed yet 3/26/15
Hi Chris. Our recommendation is to be cautious with introducing your puppy if they have not completed their final series of vaccinations needed at 16 weeks (and then wait another 2 weeks after that) dogs who are not up-to-date with their vaccines. Certainly, it is a very important to let your puppy get socialized with all different types of dogs, but keeping it to friend and family pets that you know are well cared for and vaccinated and only allowed on the ground in non-public areas where you know there have been no sick animals who may have defecated, peed, or vomited is the best practice.
On March 8th I brought my dog in for a rabies vaccine. Just last night (1 week later) I am noticing a knot at the injection site which I hadn’t felt before. I know on the instructions it said that a snake booster could take 1-3 weeks for that to go down but not about the rabies. Is this common or should I get this checked out? 3/16/15
Hi Kathy, Sometimes this occurs after a vaccination. We recommend you place a warm compress on the spot a few times a day for the next week. Watch for any sign of an infection, such as additional swelling, redness, or pain at the site, if any of these occur then it would be appropriate to have her seen at a Full-Service Pet Hospital. Otherwise, you should see this bump subside after a few days, occasionally this does occur at the site of a vaccination and usually goes away on its own. Please give our office a call if you have any concerns at 855-755-8387.
My bijon/poodle has these small dark crusty patches on the underside of his ears near the tips. They dont seem to bother him but I would like to get rid of them. I have tried antibiotic ointment and anti-fungal cream but nothing seems to help. any other suggestions? 3/1/15
There could be a number of causes and since neither of your home remedies have worked, it would be best to take her into a full-service where they can take a closer look and determine the right course of treatment after making a diagnosis.
is the rabies shot you provide a 3 year shot? my dog is almost 2 and he has already had his first rabies shot. 2/20/15
Hi Sisiy, Our Rabies is a 3 year, as long as it is not the first Rabies on file for a puppy or any dog with unknown vaccine history.
I have a 1 year 2 months old mini pinscher/ chihuahua mix dog. She had her first and second sessions of her shots but we were not able to bring her to the vet on the 3rd and last session. 2 months ago we took her to the vet again and started with the first shot again. She’s supposed to bring her back after a month for her second one but since she’s always swelling after her immunizations we held off for a while. Can you advise me what to do to complete her shots. They haven’t even administered her rabies shots. I know u=you will be in Centinela Feeds Burbank on Mar 7 and we are planning to go there and bring our pup Mimi. 2/3/15
Hi Vina, Give us a call so we can get a more detailed description of what you mean by swelling, she may be experiencing a vaccine reaction. It sounds like with the very last DHPP, she should be considered immunized for a year being she is already over a year old, although we would like to discuss the timing of everything before giving that advice. You can reach our office toll-free at 855-755-8387
do you have spaying service as well? or do you have any recommendation for low cost spaying? we adopted a new 10 month Shiba inu, do we need to have new vaccination for our indoor cat? 1/21/15
Hi Parissa, We recommend visiting and choosing the spay/neuter tab to search for a good low-cost Spay & Neuter spot near you (you can narrow your results down by distance from your zipcode). We don’t currently offer this service. Congratulations on the new addition to your family :) I would keep your indoor cat updated with their FVRCP vaccination every 3 years as recommended, although for reasons independent of the new pup being around. Of concern would be possible round or hookworms being passed along if the puppy wasn’t fully de-wormed when they entered your household. For this, we would recommend giving your indoor cat an RX complete de-worming treatment. Feel free to give us a call for more information at 855-755-8387.
Where can I get my dogs teet cleaned with anesthesia at a reasonable price. I have tried non anesthesia and they could not do it. I have an 8lb ship tsu 1/17/15
Hi Sharon, One of our VAB members created and maintains a free website that allows you to search through available resources easily with all kinds of pet and wild animal needs. If you go to and search under Vet Care and then on the left hand side limit your choices with your zipcode and teeth cleaning you will at least have a list of places to call and gather pricing on.
PLEASE CAN DIRECT TO ANY INFO. ON WHERE TO GET MEDICAL FOR A COUPLE OF VERY SICK DOGS. THE OWNERS ARE TOO IRRESPONSIBLE And don’t seem to care about the welfare of these animalsIt’s sad and pathetic if they don’t get help soon they’re going to dieDo you have any Or could direct me to a facility that can help therse animals.Do you know of any non-profit facility that canHelp these poor doThe female is a two and a half year old Siberian Husky she has extremely bad skin Her hind quarters her bottom and losing a lot of hair all over their body with extreme biting scratching and are in alot of pain and stress. 1/11/15
Hi Marlene, Please do give us a call so we can find out the area these dogs’ owners reside and lead you in the right direction.
My 7-year-old chihuahua-terriers got their last DHPP booster in February, 2013. With the Parvo outbreak in Southern California, would it be wise to get a booster in 2 years instead of 3 years? Any contraindication to this interval? thanks! Roger 12/29/14
Hi, I have a 13 pound Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu mix who has been scratching her right ear and shaking her head for the past 5 days when we got to the San Francisco Bay Area. She scratches and shakes mostly at night or first thing in the morning and it isn’t incessant. Her ear smells a little bit but mostly like it’s dirty. I’ve trimmed the hair in her ear a little and also have wiped it with a 50/50 white vinegar and water mix a couple of days ago. She is on Heartgard and has been on comfortis for the past 6 months though I haven’t given it to her this month (she was supposed to have it on the 20th). I’m not sure if she needs flea meds when it’s so cold/wet. We are still up in SF and sad that 1st Care Vets isn’t here. Is there any comparable pet care clinics that you know of here? Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance. And happy holidays and New Year! Best, Natascha, human for Chula, dog 12/28/14
Hi Natascha and Chula, So sorry for the delay we’ve been out for the holidays. Happy New Year! About Chula’s ear, she could have a slight infection it would be best to get her into the Veterinarian if you haven’t already and have them take a look. It may require some antibiotic drops. For the flea control, we do recommend year round since the flea season might slow down but is truly year round in most areas of California. Also the Heartworm Preventative requires you to stay consistent to provide adequate protection, no more than 6 weeks between doses. We are not familiar with the San Francisco area Vets so can’t make a good recommendation.
My chihuahua-terriers got their last DHPP booster in February, 2013. With the Parvo outbreak in Ventura Co, would it be wise to get a booster in 2 years instead of 3 years? Any contraindication to this interval? thanks! Roger 12/22/14
How old are your pups right now?
My dog and I are a pet assisted therapy team at Children’s Hospital LA. Each year she needs her yearly check up. Do you offer that at Centinela Feed? Thanks 12/15/14
Hi Cas, You and your pup are lovely for what you do :) Unfortunately at this point (this is something we are working on) we are unable to offer a full exam as what you would get at a full-service hospital. We offer vaccinations and treatments that might be necessary on a frequent basis when entering hospitals with immuno-compromised children (such as Rx de-wormings). Please let us know if that is something we could help with and Happy Holidays! You can reach us by e-mail or at 855-755-VETS.
Hi, we are planning to go o one of your clinics in Santa Monica tomorrow for our kitten for her rabies vaccine, and our vet said to ask whether the rabies vaccine you use for kittens is the ‘killed’ vaccine form or the merial modified rabies vaccine. Please let me know, and thank you! 11/8/14
Ho Noah, Hopefully you made it in, since our Feline Rabies is the safest on the market for cats as it is not killed and is the Merial Purevax, containing no adjuvants :) Sorry for the delay. Give us a call if you want to find the next clinic or ask any other questions.
Hi there, I was recommended to your clinic by a friend that has used your services. I recently said yes to adopting a small kitten from a co worker. She is about 3 months old and is not a stray cat. I would like to take her in soon (when time permits) to get her first round of shots. I did not see this anywhere on your site, but I am wondering if you can tell me if you accept care credit? For my old cat I used to get all my services done at VCA in Marina Del Rey but I am trying to keep things a little more affordable this time around. Also do you spay and neuter? I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, -Petra 10/28/14
Hi Petra, Congratulations on your new addition to your family! Unfortunately, at this point we do not accept care credit. We will be looking forward to being able to offer that in the future. We would recommend beginning with Kitten Pack #2 since she is 3 mths old so she begins her life with full coverage and then finishing her kitten series with kitten pack #2. The 1st visit would involve a small blood draw to test for Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in addition to an FRVCP, a Purevax Feline Leukemia vaccine and a treatment for Round/Hookworm. We can also provide some resources to get her spayed at an affordable cost to you. Feel free to also call our office at 855-755-8387.
My kitten has ear mites. Do you treat for this at your clinics? Also, can I use an over the counter ear mite treatment and it be as effective? If you treat, is it a one time treatment, or do I have to re-treat at home? If I can use an OTC treatment, do I need to clean her ears out first so the medicine will work or work better? 10/3/14
Hi Vicky, We do have a topical flea product that will treat and prevent ear mites, it is called Advantage Multi for cats. It can be used on a kitten that is at least 5.1 pounds and 9 weeks old. Since is an Rx product you would need to bring her in during one of our mobile clinics and we can recommend an appropriate regiment depending on how prolific the mites are.
Your web site says that for the dogs and cats to get de-wormed they need to se the vet first. Is it any vet, or your have vets at the location of the clinic. I am interested to bring my two dogs and a cat for de-worm on October 4 to HoundDogand Cat on Pico. Please explain what I need to do prior to that. 9/26/14
Hi Marina, Yes, since our de-worming is actually prescription grade, they do need to come in during one of our mobile clinic events to be seen by our attending Veterinarian. There is no additional fee for this, just the cost of the Rx de-wormer. We will also need to verify their weights for accurate dosing. Let us know if you have any other questions at (855)755-VETS.
My 3 year old boston terrier’s nails are discolored dark red/brown near the nail bed on her front paws and a few on her back paws, though not as bad. She hasn’t been licking or biting her paws at all and they don’t seem to be more sensitive to touch but the discoloration has been present for a few months and has not improved at all. Should she be seen by a vet or is there an at home remedy that could help clear this up? 9/25/14
Hi Danielle, I’d recommend you consult with your full-service vet, as it’s possible there could be an infection in the nail bed that is causing the discoloration. This is something that should be assessed immediately before it gets any worse.
Hello , my female black Labrador Retriever which is 3yrs old has been scratching herself quite a bit lately, and I’ve used a flea-pick comb to check for fleas, which I didn’t find, and I am wondering what else would be the cause. There was some dry skin and what seemed to be some scabbing that came off when I combed her, I don’t know if the scabbing is from her scratching too much or what. 9/23/14
Hi Emily, It could be a flea allergy or itchy skin being caused by a number of conditions. Best thing would be to have her taken in and seen so that the Veterinarian in attendance can take a good look at the scabbed areas and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. Sometimes with fleas there might only be a couple at first and for pets that are highly allergic this can cause intense itching and they develop sores from scratching so much. Do you have her on a monthly flea preventative?
We just got our 8 week old puppy, Mabel. she received her first round from the shelter we adopted her from and is due for her next round between 10-3 and 10-10. We let her play in our yard (it’s fenced in) but our neighbors dog and our parents dog have been in the yard as well. They’re both fully vaccinated, so it’s okay that she plays with them, correct? I also know that the neighborhood cats will sometimes poop in the yard but we pick it up as best we can, and Mabel hasn’t shown any interest in eating it. I’m just paranoid about Parvo and wanted to know if she has to stay locked up or if it’s fine that we have her outside with us – in our yard only. We also have chickens, do we need to keep her separate from them? 9/16/14
Hi Meg, Sounds like you are definitely doing the right things to protect her and make sure she is socialized. You only want to let her down in an area where you know there have been no sick animals and that she only plays with dogs who are fully vaccinated and up-to-date and that are healthy. It’s good that she’s not eating the cat poop because that can put her at risk for intestinal parasites. The chickens should not pose a problem unless she eats their poop. Give us a call if you have any other questions at 855-755-8387. Sounds like you have a fun yard :)
Hello, We will be getting a puppy from a breeder when he’s 8 weeks old. The breeder will take him for a DHLP+parvo when he’s 6 weeks. I’m unclear as to when he should get his next booster, and how many he should receive. I’ve read that they should be spaced 3-4 weeks apart and I’ve seen recommendations for 3-4 sets of vaccines. 9/3/14
Hi Suny, A breeder usually does a preliminary DHPP so as to not risk it since they usually have many puppies in their care at one time. We would recommend your puppy to still have another DHPP at around 9 weeks, then the 3 month old round (this included the DHPP and Bordetella),the last set at 4 mths of age (this will include the last DHPP booster for a whole year, the 2nd and last Bordetella booster for 6mths-1 yr)and then 2-3 weeks later the first Rabies vaccine. The recommendations that you’ve read are in line with what we do. Give us a call if you have any other question at 855-755-VETS(8387)
Hello. I have 4 year old dog (miniature size, poodle/terrier) who only eats natural balance dry food. About once or twice a month, he gets these bad stomach aches. I take him out for a walk first thing in the morning. He usually does number 2 at night and when he wakes up and go out hell pee and sometimes do number 2. Throughout the day he eats well. He starts getting the stomach aches it sounds as if he was starving but he’s not. Some think if hes holding his urine but no. I take him out for another walk after long 30-40 min long stroll we get home and he still has the aches. Do to u have an idea of why he would have those aches? He drinks plenty of water. Is it possible that he’d drinking too much water? 8/27/14
Hi Jack, We agree that you should definitely take your dog in for a complete physical exam so that the vet can palpate the abdomen. These pains could be caused by something relatively minor or could be signs of a much bigger problem. A veterinarian can better diagnose the problem when being able to combine a physical examination along with diagnostic tests if necessary.
I stopped by centinella in Long Beach and got this small flyer. I talked extensively with an employee.. I have had no luck after spending $25 on prozinquintal??sp? by crushing up each tablet into 3 separate bowls of moist cat food for each of my 3 cats.And of course they won’t eat the food…. i have even tried starving them for a day w/otheir ordinary dry food but they are stubborn I know one for sure has tapeworm from fleas. I have treated my home and patio and cats and nearly all fleas are gone now…..but now this worm thing. The employee told me you could give my cats a shot for tapeworm…is this true? doesn;’t say on this website… please advise. I was planing on bringing one to the clinic in Costa Mesa and the other to Long Beach this Saturday since I only have one cat carrier and can only bring one at a time. Julie Also, if I can’t get medicine in them will the worm make them sick eventually? I am desperate and have little money to spend and cannot take them to my vet because of the cost to see him. 8/13/14
Hi Julie, We have a solution!! There is a topical prescription de-wormer that includes tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm treatment made specifically for cats, so there’s no need to force a tablet down their throats :) You can visit us at either the Costa Mesa clinic tomorrow between 10and 11:30 or at the Long Beach clinic from 1:30pm-3pm. WE do ask that you arrive to check-in at least 15 minutes before the clinic is posted to end, so that you have time to go through our process of check-in, a visit with the Veterinarian and to dispense the Rx. Please call us if you have any other questions at 855-755-3837.
Hi! I just got a new puppy named Benji and he is about 11 weeks old. We let him outside to play and exercise in the concrete area under supervision, but I am concerned about fleas and/or heartworms since mosquitoes seem to be prevalent in my neighborhood. Can I scree a young puppy for heartworms? Thank you so much! 8/4/14
Hi Lynn, Actually the best prevention for Heartworms, fleas AND Intestinal parasites for Benji, since he is not even 3 mths old yet, would be Trifexis as it does all three and he needs to meet the weight minimum of 5 lbs and the age min. he’s already past. Since he is so young he does not need to be screened for Heartworms yet, he is fine to start up on prevention now. Where do you live by the way? Feel free to call our office for full info and recommendations at 855-755-8387
My dog has one itchy ear. It’s more pink than the other one and had a lot of brown cruddy build up. I used a standard ear cleanser for dogs, which cleaned it out, but that was two days ago and now it’s back to getting waxy. Less pink, but still more irritated than the normal ear. Is there an antibiotic rinse you could recommend? He’s had his vaccinations strictly though 1st Care. Thanks! 7/22/14
Hi! I’m wondering how often a dog should get deformed? My shih tzu/Pomeranian mix hasn’t been deformed since she was a puppy – she’s four now – and I’ve heard that undetected abrasives can lead to am array of serious issues from dental/gum disease to heart trouble. Please advise. Thanks! 7/16/14
Hi Alyssa, I’m hoping you meant to write de-wormed :) Did you mean Parasites, and not abrasives? If it is a de-worming question…we recommend adult dogs begin at least a yearly de-worming regiment, depending on their lifestyle, travel, exposure to dog parks, wildlife, etc. Please give us a call to discuss options at 855-755-8387.
I have a chihuahua who I have no immunization records on, I’ve had him afor a year, what immunizations are required to get him licensed ? Thank you. 7/5/14
Hi Lucinda, Generally the only immunizations that are required by law is the Rabies vaccine. However, if you live in a certain city than you may also be required to neuter and microchip him. Outside of what the law requires, there are other core vaccines that she should have to best protect him and other dogs in the community. Please give our office a call at 855-755-VETS so we can answer any questions you may have.
My dog just got microchipped by you guys a week ago. Where the chip was injected has now turned into a bald lump the size of a nickel. it nots red. he doesnt seem to notice it or feel when i touch it. its soft as if filled with liquid. 7/1/14
Hi Austin, Pleas give our office a call so we can arrange for you to come into the next clinic we will be in your area with our Vet present and have them take a look at it. Very sorry for the late delay, the holiday weekend put us behind in checking website questions. Please call us asap at 855-755-VETS or respond with your contact # to the direct e-mail I send from
My dog has been throwing up, having diarrhea, and has not been eating 6/29/14
Hi Anjanethe, Very important that you take your dog to any local Full-Service Veterinarian’s office immediately if you have not already. It could mean life or death.
my dog is getting crazy because he has been scratching his butt. Is there something wrong with him besides the presence of fleas. I gave him drops for fleas but still he is scratching his butt in the cement floor, any furniture he can find. Please help me. 6/23/14
Hi Telly, There are a few reasons why he could be doing this. One of them are fleas driving him crazy from biting his butt, another possibility is tapeworms. Have you looked at his poop to see if there are any little white worms or what looks like dry seeds. These are both evidence of a tapeworm infestation, which is only possible from ingesting a flea. Another possibility are allergies, is there any other area on him that he is scratching?
Is your rabies vaccine a 1 or 3 year variety? The web page does not clarify. Thanks:) 6/19/14
Hi Jennifer, This depends on whether it is your dog’s 1st Rabies vaccine. If it is then the vaccination will be marked as a 1 year. If he/she has had a previous Rabies vaccination then this will be considered a booster and will then be good for 3 years. Please bring proof of the previous Rabies with you (or a license renewal form the city if you have one, as a dog cannot be licensed without a valid Rabies). Please don’t hesitate to call our office if you have any further questions :)
My dog Kimba has gone to 1st Care a couple of times for her shots and microchip. Is there a way for me to get a record of her shots? 6/6/14
Hi Stacey, I am sending a copy of the records to your e-mail right now. Let us know if you have any questions :)
Hi…I always get my dog Louie immunized with you guys at Centinela and have somehow misplaced his records…I have a feeling he needs a rabies shot and maybe something else. Can you please look him up and let me know? Thanks, Debora and Alexandra McCown 310.384.9772 or 310.452.3400 6/5/14
Hi Debora and Alexander, I will be calling you shortly with Louie’s records :)
Hi I recently went to a Centinela store in Long Beach where I received a flyer for 1st care. I understand that this Saturday, June 7th the clinic will be providing services. My question is if my puppy is going to be 7 weeks old will he be able to get the services provided tgis Saturday? I saw the puppy packs will you be providing those packs this Saturday at the Long Beach location? 6/4/14
Hi Crystal, How close is your puppy to 8weeks? We generally don’t recommend beginning the puppy series until this age accept for unique circumstances. However, it is always beneficial to begin a series of de-worming treatments as puppies usually always have some sort of roundworms in their tummies at that age. Please call us if you have a definite birthdate for your puppy so we can determine what the best plab would be for the timing of the vaccinations. We can be reached Monday-Friday from 9-4pm at 855-755-8387.
My cat was adopted from a Centinela Pet Adoption in Burbank September 2010. I was told she completed her series of kitten vaccinations. In 2011 she became an outdoor can’t and was never given her yearly vaccinations. Now I want to to bring the cat into my new home and make her a permanent indoor cat. I’m worried about the dangers over vaccination but I’m also worried that she could have contracted something since she was in a lot of cat fights when she was outdoors. What test, vaccinations, de-worming etc does she need to undergo to make sure she is healthy and parasite free for our home. 6/3/14
Hi Carolyn, Really good questions. Our suggestion would be to bring her into one of our mobile clinics for a blood test to test for Feline Leukemia and FIV. Then we would recommend giving her first adult booster of FVRCP (a core vaccine for indoor or outdoor cats) and also a topical complete de-worming treatment to rid her of any intestinal parasites she might be harboring. Any additional vaccines or treatments would be recommended on an individual basis. Your intentions are to turn this cat back into an indoor only cat, but do you think she is going to be receptive to that? If she remains being both indoor and outdoor, there would be additional vaccinations we would recommend. Feel free to call our office if you want to discuss further or stop into any of our clinic locations. Since you will be getting a test, please remember to arrive during the first 30 minutes of the clinic (you can even come a bit early to get a good place in line) so we have time to do this.
I think my cat has scabies on top of her nose. Took her to a vet and was given a vaccine, don’t know what was in it. She’s an indoor cat who happen to wander outside a few weeks ago. We have feral cats in the area and I recently saw one of them with mange, and I’m not sure how it transmits, but I have a feeling this what she has because the edge of her ear is also looking ‘rough & flakey’ and she keeps scratching. I can’t seem to keep the ointment on her cause she cleans it off. Do you offer a test for this and/or a vaccine? 5/26/14
Hello, I hope you are doing well. I received a dog for my birthday this weekend. She is a mixed breed, part chihuahua part something I don’t know and about 2 months old. I am so happy to have her become part of my family but just yesterday, May 14, her poop was infested with worms and I don’t know what to do. I am really worried and on top of that I have small children in my household. Also, I have never been a pet owner before so I don’t know of the procedures or where to go to satisfy this procedures. I am of a low-income household, so If you can provide me with information about low cost services, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to a response, Liliana 5/15/14
Hi Liliana, Most likely the puppy has a heavy load of Roundworms, which need to be treated immediately and in the meanwhile it is very important that you keep your kids away from the worms and where she is pooping. Please call our office at 855-755-8387 today to discuss your options or come into either our Westchester clinic or Redondo Clinic tomorrow.
Hi, my puppy is due for her 1st rabies vaccination and I just cancelled an appointment with our local vet because they were going to use a brand containing mercury/thimerisol. I see that you have a TF Rabies shot we could get at the Westchester clinic this Saturday so that would be great. I’m a little concerned about the timing and would like your advice. My Vizsla pup is 17 weeks today and had her last/4th DHPP shot exactly 1 week ago. I had planned to do the rabies today because next week 5/23 we are leaving for a road trip and will be traveling – not returning until June 2nd. My questions are: – Should I postpone the rabies shot until we return from vacation? I wouldn’t want her having a delayed vaccine reaction while we’re driving though the desert somewhere and not close to a vet or animal hospital. – Should I be concerned about exposure while on the road if we do delay the rabies? We will continue to avoid dog parks and heavily trafficked areas for potty breaks, but she will be interacting with other family pets who have been vaccinated. – Does California law require the rabies vaccination to be done BY a certain age? I know it is supposed to be done after 4 months but how long can I delay it, and is it wise to do so? (Other than the inconvenience of limiting interaction with other dogs at parks and pet boarding) Thanks in advance for your response! ~ Michelle 5/15/14
Hi Michelle, yes, we are one of the few to stock the TF version of the Rabies (Merial brand by the way) as standard. You are in quite a predicament with the timing since her last DHPP, your trip planned and her age at the moment. Honestly, we recommend that different vaccinations (if not given on the same day) be split apart by at least 2 weeks, this is because of the immune response caused from the last vaccination. Perhaps you can visit our evening Culver City clinic scheduled for Wed. 5/21 starting at 6pm-7:30pm. This would be as close to 2 weeks as you are going to get because you really don’t want to travel out of state with her unless she has her Rabies vaccine. Also, California state law does require a Rabies vaccination for all dogs by 4 mths of age. Please call our office at 855-755-8387 to discuss further.
My dog Bella has been going to 1st Care for her shots and microchip. Is there a way for me to get a record of her shots? 5/13/14
Hi Mike, I just sent you Bella’s full record of vaccinations with 1st Care at your e-mail address :)
The Vet on my 10 week puppy recommended a monthly flea prevention drop called Vectra. It’s quite pricey and now Jelly Bean doesn’t have any fleas. I am planning on taking her hiking with me eventually. Is there a less pricey option like a flea collar that she only wears while hiking? It seems rather toxic and pricey to always have something as prevention. 4/25/14
Hi Megumi, Were you able to come into our clinic on Sunday? We do have several options for prescription flea control available in addition the stores where we hold our mobile clinics also have several good over-the-counter options available. Please call our office at 855-755-8387 so you can describe to me what Jelly Bean’s lifestyle is going to include.
I got my dog from Fur Baby Rescue. I saw Jelly Bean twice for a good half hour each time before picking her up on 4/22.. She had her three initial shots and she seemed perfectly healthy. Her first night, she made a sneezing/heaving like sound three times at night (not long at all). The next morning was her first Vet visit. The Vet said she’s perfectly healthy. After the Vet, we went to visit my friend with two older dogs. Jelly Bean at grass there and some dog snacks. Then she started dry heaving. She only does this several times a day and maybe a few times at night. A friend with many rescue dogs said dogs cough sometimes and it’s not a big deal. She’s very active, happy and doesn’t seem remotely sick. My friend who’s house she went to is concerned since her dogs are always at the Vet but no one else including me thinks it’s a big deal. I was planning on getting her chipped at Culver City this Sunday. Will someone be able to tell me if she’s sick? 4/25/14
Hi Megumi, Very sorry for the slow response. I was going to tell you to bring her in, hopefully you did and were able to get her microchipped in addition to getting a recommendation from our Vet. Constant heaving is something you should be concerned about and probably need to take her into a full service hospital again to have her re-examined.
I have a few question about your rabies vaccine: 1. Is the vaccine a killed vaccine or a modified live vaccine? 2. My dog is 3 years old and has never had a rabies vaccine before. Can she be given the 3-year vaccine or will she have to receive the 1-year vaccine? Thank you. 4/22/14
Hi Jim, Our Rabies vaccines for dogs are Killed and good for 3 years duration only if they have received a Rabies vaccine prior. If it is the first Rabies vaccine then legally it will require a booster in 1 year and then be considered good for 3 years thereafter.
My 11-year old cat began having a strange non-productive cough in December for which I have taken him to two vets now. An X-ray revealed constipation (lots of poop in his intestines), for which he’s since been on Cisapride and Lactulose. The vet thought the cough might be related to the constipation. He now poops about every 3 days (on medication), which was his pattern before the medication and before the cough). But the cough persists. Pretty much daily. I took him for a consult to consider an ultrasound. That vet thought he’d find nothing and recommended I stay the course with the Cisapride and Lactulose. My cat has mild heart murmur (2 on a scale of 6), so the vet said if I did any ultrasound at all, he would recommend a cardio ultrasound, which I haven’t elected to do yet. I AM EXCEEDINGLY FRUSTRATED. THE VETS SEEM KIND OF OBVLIVIOUS OR UNCONCERNED ABOUT THE COUGH, YET IT’S THE DAILY EVENT MY CAT AND I HAVE BEEN LIVING WITH FOR 4 MONTHS NOW. All of this is to say, I heard a cough might be caused by heartworm or lungworm. Are these perchance tests that you do in your mobile clinics? I’m looking for affordable alternatives at this point. I thank you in advance. Mignon (Santa Monica) 4/21/14
Hi Mignon, I can certainly understand that you want to figure out the cause of the cough. It’s important to get an x-ray of the chest to rule out asthma, which is a common cause of coughing in cats. There is a vet in West LA who is great with cats. I don’t know the price, but be sure to take a copy of any previous tests or x-rays with you. Her name is Dr. Liz Edmunson, and she works at Brent-Air Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, heartworm tests in cats are tricky to interpret, and we generally don’t do them at our clinics. A fecal exam at a full-service vet clinic could be done to rule out lungworms (unlikely cause, but it’s on the list of things to consider). If you need a referral to a cardiologist, let us know. I know of a great one in West Hollywood.
My Maltipoo weighs 21.4 pounds. I want to put her on a a tick and flee medication. do you recommend Trifexix? If yes, do I go with 10 to 20 lbs. or 20 to 40 lbs? Im afraid of reaction. 3/31/14
Hi Estela, Trifexis is an excellent product that controls flea infestations, prevents Heartworm, and treats and controls the common intestinal parasites such as Roundworm, Hookworm, and Whipworm. It does not, however, do anything for ticks. We will be in the next couple of weeks receiving a certain number of coupons for our customers that want to purchase 6-mth worth of Trifexis and also desire a tick control product. You will receive a coupon code from us go online to Elanco’s website and get a tick collar sent to you free of charge. If your baby is a firm 21.4 pounds and doesn’t commonly fluctuate below 20 pounds, then we would recommend doing the 201-40# weight range. Please give our office a call at 855-755-VETS so I can let you know some of the requirements to be on Heartworm preventative, such as a negative Heartworm Test prior to beginning.
I have two stray cats I took in and don’t know if they have ever had shots or not. What shots should be given if you don’t know their past? I have another cat that is super sensitive to chemicals and has seizures whenever any cleaners or sprays are used, (found this out the hard way when I used carpet cleaner on the cat tree), so I am learey about giving him vaccines, though I did have him get vaccines when he was a kitten and again up until about three years ago. What is necessary for him without it being too harsh for his system? THANK YOU so much… 3/30/14
Hi Charmaine, Do you have an estimate of the age of the two stray cats you took in? Their estimated age along with whether or not they have become strictly indoor cats or remain indoor/outdoor makes a difference in what vaccinations and treatments we would recommend to keep them healthy and protected. Regarding you kitty that is super sensitive, how old is he now and does he go outdoors at all? It is very possible that if her is strictly an indoor cat that he would only need an FRVCP booster and possibly a Rabies if you live in a certain area. The FVRCP that we use is free of added chemicals (adjuvants) and the Rabies we offer for Cats is also adjuvant and Thimerosal-free so is much less risky to cats than some of the other available vaccines on the market right now. Please give our office a call and we can discuss the needs of each of the cats individually. We are at 855-755-VETS(8387) which is a toll-free number.
My cat Lucky has a few bald spots on the outside if his earx and also in the front on the upper ear front it looks bald. Could this be ear mites. My other cat Lucy, always had a lot of Brown wax in her ears. I have to clean her ears daily, 3/19/14
Hi Virginia, It’s probably best if you have the cat’s ears examined to see if anything else is going on. However, another option is to go ahead and put both cats on Advantage Multi. They would get it every 2 weeks, for a total of 3 treatments. This is the recommended protocol when treating ear mites with Advantage Multi (or Revolution). Advantage Multi is a prescription topical product that is available at any of our mobile clinic locations with your pet present. Call our office for more information if you’d like at 855-755-8387.
My pets have be getting their shots from you for a long time and I need to know if my 2 pressa canario’s Jacques and Mocha need their DHPP shots updated or not. I appreciate and look forward to your answer. 3/12/14
Hi Kim, We always enjoy seeing your big beautiful babies. I will be calling you shortly to discuss where their vaccinations stand.
Hi, I recently got a dog from a breeder and he is a 7 week shih tzu puppy. His stools are regular and solid for the most part, but I am concerned because I think I saw a live worm in his stool. He just turned 7 weeks so is there a way I can treat this problem sooner or could I wait until 8 weeks to get his first set of shots that include the partial de-worm? Thank you. 3/11/14
Hi Heather, You could bring him in now for a complete de-worming treatment, which includes all the intestinal parasites. This can be given as young as 3 weeks as long as he is at least 2 pounds already. It is important to get the worms under control since he is still so young and tiny, because they can sap his nutrients and sometimes cause intestinal blockage. Call our office and we can give you our next upcoming clinic schedule and answer any other questions you may have. Our toll-free office number is 855-755-8387
I need flea meds for 3 stray cats but they don’t let me touch them so it would have to be in pill form like comfortis. How can i get something like this for my stray cats? 2/28/14
Hi Rosalba, Comfortis is a prescription flea control, so our Veterinarian needs to do a physical an each of the cats it will be prescribed for. Are you able to bring them in by carrier? Contact our office so we can give you some suggestions.
My four year old shih tzu has been licking his paws, and while grooming him recently, I found little spots in his fur where he was licking. Also, he has been vomiting around once every day or so. 2/23/14
Hi Hannah, Licking paws may be a sign of an allergy–it could be an allergy to food or something in the environment. I’d also make sure he’s on a monthly flea medication such as Comfortis. A full service veterinary clinic (or even a dermatology specialist, if needed) can help pinpoint the underlying cause of the licking. Regarding the vomiting, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with the primary veterinarian for a complete physical exam, and to address any other diagnostics or treatment.
My dog is just coming up to the end of his first year on trifexis. Does he need to get a lyme/tick test again before getting another year’s supply of flea medication? 2/21/14
Hi Amy, Trifexis is a flea, Heartworm, and Intestinal Parasite Prevention product. Since it is a Heartworm preventative your dog will need to have an annual Heartworm test performed at any of our mobile clinic locations (please arrive in the first 30 minutes of the scheduled clinic for this service). We need to have a negative result on the Heartworm test before renewing his prescription. Our normal cost for this test is $33, but if you decide to purchase more Trifexis (at least 6 months worth) on the same visit as the bloodtest we give you an $8 discount on the test, so it ends up only being $25. Let us know if you have any other questions on this process and feel free to call our office at 855-755-8387.
Hi, I adopted a kitten from a shelter about a month ago. Recently she has resorted to peeing on our bed and quilts. I use pine litter and clean it once a day, sometimes twice. She uses the litter box most of the times and occasionally pees on the bed. Do you think there could be a medical reason behind this? (There is no irregularity in color or smell of the urine.) Or is it because sometimes she is alone at home especially on weekends. Is there a way for me to get her out of this habit? Thank you 2/9/14
Hi Deeksha, I would suggest a few things to start: -Offer 2 litter boxes (one with the pine litter, one with another type of litter). Praise her whenever you see her using the pan. -Make sure litter is unscented. -Many cats prefer pans that DON’T have a hood. -Use an effective cleaner on areas where she has peed. My favorite is Fizzion, which can be purchased on Make sure to wash the quilts! -Make sure the kitten is getting lots of interactive play sessions. My favorite toy is “Da Bird”, available on Play with her at least 10-15 minutes, twice daily. -Get a urinalysis at a full-service vet clinic, to rule out any infection. -Never, ever punish the cat after the fact. -If the cat is alone a lot, I find that 2 kittens are often easier than one! -If she hasn’t been already, get her spayed! has lots of useful tips on cat behavior!
I was in on January 19 and had my dog test for heartworm. Her test was negative. I didn’t give her a trifexis that day, for some reason I thought she got one . Is it safe to give her one now, or do I need to have her tested again before giving her a pill. 2/8/14
Hi Lorraine, Yes, if she tested negative for Heartworm on the 19th then you can give her a dose of Trifexis today without worry. If you had lapsed by more than 6 weeks then I would advise re-testing, but you are still within a good time frame. You don’t want to go anymore than 6 weeks between monthly doses of preventative either.
Our puppy was born on 10/17 (that’s the shelter’s guess because shewas a stray). She had her frst shots on 12/17, and her 2nd shots on 1/12. Can I take her for her third set of shots on 2/9? It’s not quite her fourth month but it’s four weeks after her last shots. I’m eager to get her fully vaccinated so we can start taking her out in public. Thanks! 2/6/14
Hi Kate, The closer to 16 weeks (or 4 months) she is when she receives her last round of core vaccines the better, since you are trying to get her immune system to create antibodies that will protect her until she receives her next booster at 16 months. The risk is that if you do the last booster too early then she may still be carrying around maternal antibodies that would interfere with the vaccinations efficacy. If you can wait for another week then you will have more certainty that she is the right age to get her last baby booster, as long as you take care not to introduce her to any dogs that are not current on their vaccinations or any public areas that a sick dog could have contaminated (parks, sidewalks, etc.). Let us know if you have any other questions. You can always call our office at 855-755-VETS.
Where is the microchip placed on the cat? 2/1/14
Hi Tina, We place the microchip in the loose scruff area between the shoulder blades. It is done quickly, easily and is permanent. Let us know if you have other questions about this process.
Our Australian Labradoodle (Cobber Dog) is going to be 4 months old this coming Sunday and needs to get her Rabies Vaccination in order to be licensed. She was just Spayed on Monday, yesterday, so is there a problem getting the Rabies Vaccination on Sunday, January 26, at your clinic in the West L.A. Centinela Pet and Feed Store on Pico Blvd. Does the fact that she has stitches from her procedure yesterday rule out getting the vaccination for Rabies a week later on Sunday? Hopefully it’s okay. Thanks. 1/21/14
Hi Rich and Sue, Cobber Dog should be fine to get her Rabies vaccination on Sunday as long as she is healing well and isn’t currently prescribed antibiotics. The stitches won’t matter as long as there is no sign of infection in her incision and she is back to her normal self after the surgery. If you have any questions, please give our office a call at 855-755-8387.
I have a 9 week old puppy and she has had two sets of shots. I want to bring her in next week for her next set but I’m not sure when to bring her in for her next set. She has had parvovirus and distemper on 12/22 and then parvovirus and distemper again on 1/4. 1/12/14
HI Jennifer, Please wait until your puppy is 12 weeks old for her third round. She will then need one more booster of DHPP at 16weeks. At least two weeks after that she will be due for the first Rabies vaccine. If you have any more questions please give our office a call at 855-755-8387.
Hi, my cat may have worms. I have found what appear to be dried worms where she sleeps. Can I wait to take her to the clinic on 1/11, or do I need to have her treated right away? 12/30/13
Hi Wendy, I apologize for the delayed reply, we were out of the office for the holiday. Sounds like your kitty has tapeworms, this isn’t an emergency situation, but very gross. You need to do two things. First, since tapeworms develop only from ingesting an infected flea, then you should definitely put her on a reliable monthly flea control. 1st Care has Comfortis available for purchase at any of our clinics with your cat present. Next, you need to give her a complete de-worming treatment that includes tapeworm (not all de-worming does). 1st Care had Profender also available at any of our mobile clinics (with kitty present since it is a prescription product). Drop into any of our locations either this weekend or next and handle both problems at once. feel free to give our office a call for further information at 855-755-8387.
My dog has diarrhea and I saw blood on the stool yesterday, should I take her to the vet? 12/16/13
Hi Sandra, Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Definitely take her to the Vet immediately.
my son bought a rabbit from crags list and it’s back leg has like a skin disorder. it looks like raised scabs maybe , light in color and the paw is sort of red. but no swelling or discharge and it doesn’t seem to bother her… just wondering if its contagious or what to do. he can’t afford to go to a vet. any suggestions? 12/8/13
Hi, We don’t work with rabbits at all so we recommend you contact a group that’s focused on rabbit care and rescue. Here are a few resources from my site (all have a phone number): You can probably copy and paste the website directly into your browser address box. Hope this helps!
My 10 .6# dog has been taking Comfortis and I would like to take advantage of a special offer on a new supply. What is the cost of getting a new prescription written for Comfortis? Thanks, Ardelle 12/4/13
Hi Ardelle, We don’t authorize online prescriptions, since companies are not supposed to be selling Comfortis outside of a veterinarian, client, patient relationship. The company who makes this product has a trace and track system and are cutting off people who violate this policy. We offer Comfortis refills for a competitive price and Elanco is still offering the $10 rebate for a 6-mth supply and $25 for a 12-mth supply purchased before 12/31/13. We also have member coupons available on our website if you sign up for our newsletter towards your next purchase. Please give us a call if you have any further questions.
My dog has pain in his leg he is limping!! I think its the patela he is a yorkiepoo I think those dogs are prone to knee problems is that true and what can I do for him? I massage the thigh and calf, sometimes it helps. Should he get more exersize or should he be resting? Hes so sweet and loves his walk times!! Thanks Debra 12/2/13
Hi Debra, Poor baby! You should definitely schedule an exam with a full service vet so that the leg can be properly evaluated and any diagnostics such as radiographs can be done. This way the Veterinarian that is doing the examination can recommend a plan for your dog. Catching something early on and seeking the correct course for treatment is vital to the best outcome.
hi, my t-cup yorkie tootsie now over 8 has had a persistent cough sinch the beg of last yr she has an irregular esophagus so food easily gets stuck i was told i also had xrays & an edoscopy done but still has cough i was also told she may have a collapsing trachea prevalent with this breed however the cough sometimes is light & rare and at times bad like recently well sunday after her vaccinations here i then took her to dogpark & later was weak watery eyes & bad cough. for sum reason im thinking she may have sum internal parasite so i was thinking of getting the heartworm test she was also de-worm 2yrs ago but what exactly is de-worming & what does it include? does it incklude heartworm? i know theres about 4types. it does mention persistent cough so im worried & think this maybe it. i even have a cough everytime i eat in the beg followed by a sneeze at the end just like my dog & im so serious because i read that heartworm can be passed from animals to humans so please advise with your intake. i am thinking of goin back for a heartworm test & then go from there. thank you so much for your time & concern regards, sarah 11/12/13
Hi Sarah, Just to settle your concerns a bit, the Heartworm parasite that would infect your dog is not the same as the one that infects humans. About Tootsie’s cough, it is true that a Heartworm infection can produce those symptoms along with trouble breathing and lethargy as it progresses. Do you travel to areas with her where Heartworm is more prevalent? The Heartworm test that we offer is done at the clinic by pulling a small amount of blood and then running the test, we will get results in about 10 minutes. If she is negative, then we can begin her on a preventative, however, if she comes back as positive then she will need to be treated at a full service hospital. Heartworm infection in dogs that only play and stay locally is not very common, although there are a few cases here and there. The thinking is that it is an under-reported problem that may be increasing. With the complete de-worming that First Care offers as a prescription at the mobile clinic, this included a treatment for 4 types of parasites, Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm and Tapeworm. The first three can be picked up at dog parks and areas where other dogs and wildlife congregate. Tapeworms are acquired solely from ingesting an infected flea. Please let us know if you have further questions and you can always give our office a call at 855-755-8387.
Hi, I was just curious what shots my pup would need. She hasn’t gotten shots since 2011. When she did get her shots, she got DHPP, Coronavirus, Bordtella, Strongid-T Vaccines and weeks after her Rabies shot. 11/9/13
Hi Chris, How old was she when she had her vaccinations in 2011? Were these her first vaccinations with you or did she have them previously. It sounds to me like she was vaccinated as a puppy in 2011 last. She should have come back in 2012 for her first adult vaccination boosters, which would have included her DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies boosters. If she didn’t have them at that time, then she would definitely be due for those three now. We also recommend at least a yearly de-worming for adult dogs as well as a monthly flea control/Heartworm preventative. Please call our office at your convenience to discuss the details of how much your dog weighs and possibly splitting her needed vaccines up in a couple visits. Our office # is 855-755-8387
Do you do fecal testing as well as vaccines? 11/4/13
Hi Gayle, Currently we do not offer fecal testing at our clinics.
my yorkie has an ear infection , can i get a rx for medicine, and how much does this cost? 11/4/13
Hi Rochelle, If your puppy has an obvious infection please take him in to a full service hospital for a medicated ear wash and antiobiotics if the Veterinarian finds it necessary. We have Epi-Otic Advanced available at our mobile clinics and this is a good rinse for dogs who are prone to ear infections to help keep the ear clean and soothed, but a serious infection needs to be monitored closely and treated with stronger medication.
Hello, I have a chihuahua that was recently in heat unfortunately I was away during this period and now that Im back I think that she might have breeded with the neighboring dog. Is there a blood test that can be done in order to find out if she is pregnant? Thank you Kindly Daniella 10/22/13
Hi Daniella, How recently may this have occurred? If you take her into the Veterinarian they can do a number of things to try and determine if she is pregnant, but only after a certain amount of time has passed since her encounter with a male dog. They can do an ultrasound, a blood test, or simply palpate her.
i just received a 1 year reminder card for my dogs rabbie shot, but on your website it says booster every 3 years. how often should they get the rabbie shot? 10/22/13
Hi Eryn, The first Rabies vaccination that is given to a puppy or adult dog (with unknown rabies vaccination history) will be good for only one year as stated by the manufacturer of the vaccine and the law. Then each subsequent booster will be good for 3 years at a time.
I picked up a 6 month supply of Confortis from your clinic and am on my 2nd month, week 2 for my dog and i just saw a flea on her this weekend. What should i do? Does this mean it is not working? She weighs 7 lbs, so i only gave her 1/2 a pill each time, is that not enough? thank you, eryn 10/22/13
Hi Eryn, What size tablet did you purchase for your dog and did you get an accurate weight? There is a certain way that you have to use Comfortis for it to be and remain effective. Defintiely need to give her the correct dose for her weight, then you need to feed her the tablet during or immediately following a full meal. You need to make sure you observe her for the first hour after she takes the medication to be sure she does not vomit it up. Also, sometimes you may see a flea that has jumped from the environment onto her before it has a chance to bite, once it bites and takes a blood meal then it will die. Let us know how you are currently using it and feel free to phone our office at 855-755-8387
Hi, I am flying with my cat in 2 weeks and she has never traveled this way. What kind of calming medication is reccommended for this? She is a very indoor cat and scared around loud noises. I am coming into the store to have her vaccinated tonight. Is this something they can help me with? thank you 10/21/13
Hi Brooke, Were you able to come into a clinic? We would have to make recommendations on any kind of calming solution based on the cats current medical and health status. Also, you may need a Health Certificate if you are flying by plane as required by the airlines. Let us know if you have any questions about this process. You can call our office at 855-755-8387.
I recently purchased a 7 week old Chihuahua. Is it ok for him to spend 8 hours a day (while I am at work) in my backyard? He has not received his vaccinations yet. (I will be taking him next week) 10/18/13
Hi Tania, He need to be fully vaccinated before you expose him to an environment that could contain viruse harmful or even deadly to a young puppy. If your backyard is private and you know that no sick animals have been in the backyard for at least 3 years (the parvo virus can survive for that long) then that is a safe place. Definitely no public parks or walkways for now.
Best way to get rid of fleas on 18 lb dog 2 yrs old Thank You 10/17/13
Hi Yale, WE would recommend trying a month dose of Comfortis. This is a prescription flea medicine that is taken orally every 30 days. It begins working in 30 minutes with all adult fleas within 4 hours. It does require that your pet be seen by one of our Veterinarians at a mobile clinic before prescribing, but there is not additional fee for this and you can come into any of our scheduled locations.
Hello, I have to Shiba Inu’s and one of them sometimes bites he’s back feet and gets raw. I treat it with hydrogen peroxide and put bacitracin dressing to clean and fight infection. But I don’t understand why he does that and how to prevent it. Can you please educate and inform me how I can help him. Thank you Joe 9/16/13
Hi Joseph, Some dogs will chew their feet when they are allergic to something. However, it is important to make sure that there isn’t a foreign body such as a foxtail that is causing discomfort. We recommend taking your dog to a full service vet clinic for an exam. If allergies are suspected, your vet can talk to you about the various diagnostic and treatment options.
Hi Robyn, Your puppy will be just old enough to start on our puppy pack #2, which includes the DHPP and Bordetella boosters as well as a treatment for round/hook owrm. We will then have you come back in another 4 weeks to booster both the DHPP and Bodetella and then return another 2 weeks later for his/her first Rabies vaccine. It is very important between now and the date that the Rabies vaccine will be given to keep your puppy off the ground in public areas, such as sidewalks and parks and only let him socialize with other dogs who are current on their vaccinations and otherwise healthy. Congrats on the addition to your family!
My dog has been licking his front paws and the bottom of his front feet appear to be red. I am considering bring him to your clinic @ Eco Wed Sept 11. Do you handle that type of problem @ the clinic. Thank you 9/10/13
Hi Judith, Sounds like your puppy is having allergy problems. We do not do any type of diagnosis at our mobile clinic but the Vet may have a few suggestions for you if you want to drop in during our clinic time.
hi i just got puppy from someone i know. i fell in love with him at the first sight well then i realized he has something wrong with his back legs. I was told it was just “swimmers feet” but its only his back feet and he can lift himself very well to get around. a few times ive also saw him go all the way to his tippy toes when walking. he doesnt seem to be in any pain at all and has most of his chest off the ground. does this sound like what they said it was or do you think it may be a hip problem. oh and just something else that might be helpful is that i tried massaging his legs like they said to but the legs themselves are VERY stiff you cant get them to bend in any way and you can almost feel like a muscle moving around while tring to do the “bicycle” movement. PLease help 9/8/13
Hi Heather, This sounds like a problem that needs to be checked out further at a full service hospital where they could do the proper examination and diagnostics.
I have been dosing my cocker spaniel with flea meds regularly but she is still getting them. I just dosed her on 9/4 but it doesn’t seem to be very effective. I would like to try prescription meds. Is it ok to start that right away or should I wait until the last dose of PetArmorPro has been metabolized? Thanks, Ruth 9/7/13
Hi Ruth, You can use Comfortis concurrently with topical flea meds without fear of an interaction. We do need to see your pet at one of our mobile clinics where the Vet is present to prescribe the monthly pill. Please call us if you have any questions. 855-755-VETS
my dog has a hernia the size of a quarters by her belly she is chihuahua she is 8yrs old and is about 4-5 lbs… Can you please let me know how much we are talking about to do surgery? 8/22/13
Hi Wendy, We are only a wellness clinic at this time and do not perform surgeries. Please ask your family and neighbors for a recommendation for a full-service Veterinary Hospital.
Do you offer a flee vaccination that protects the dog for up to 6 months? If so, how much does it cost? Thanks, 8/21/13
Hi Sandra, I haven’t heard of any long lasting flea prevention injection. We do carry Comfortis which is given in a pill form and lasts for 30 days at a time. We sell this in single dose (1 month) or 6-packs (6 months). Singles range from $17.50-$20 and 6-pks from $87.50-$100.
Hello: Do you trim cat’s nails and give vaccines in the Encino Centinela store? If so, do you do this in an enclosed area or on the sales floor? My cats have a way of leaping out of their carriers and running away. Thank you. 8/20/13
Hi Gloria, We will be at the Encino Centinela Feed this Sunday, 9/1 from 12pm-1:15pm and we do cat nail trimmings. We usually do the nail trimmings on the sales floor but can take the cat to a back room if necessary. Please let us know about your cats “leaping” tendencies when you come in. Thanks!
Can I get a prescription for Metacam for my 12 year old lab at your clinic at Centinela Pet & Feed? 8/18/13
Hi Jean, We do not prescribe Metacam at this time. We are limited to flea, heartworm and de-worming prescriptions.
My cat has some swelling in between his eyes and and a little bit above one eye. he is eating sleeping and playing just fine what could be causing it? 8/13/13
Hi Ashley, There are lots of possibilities. When did you first notice the swelling, has he been outside, has he had any change in food recently or received vaccinations? If it is sudden and seems to be getting worse, this would be a good time to take him in to a full service Veterinary Hospital.
Our 8 year old Chihuha needs her teeth cleaned and I was wondering if you offer teeth cleaning anestesia free? Can you also let me know the cost if you provide this service? Thank you! 8/13/13
Hi Loraine, At this time First Care does not offer this service. Keep checking back though.
My 2 y/o Yorkshire terrier is behind on her vaccinations she was due in December 2012, does she have up to a year to be vaccinated? 8/9/13
Hi Breanna, If your dog was due for her vaccinations back in December than the sooner the better to bring her in for boosters. Look at our schedule online or call our office at 855-755-VETS to get the hours for a local clinic. Also, good idea to bring her previous records with you so we can assure that she receives the proper vaccinations.
My cat (1 year old) that I adopted sometimes has a bit of red blood in her stool, she seems really healthy and happy, and eats well. She weighs 12 pounds 8/8/13
Hi Leslie, Congratulations on adding a new member to your family! When you see blood that is something that should be taken seriously even if she seems fine at the moment. If you can, collect a sample of her stool and bring her and the sample to a local full-service hospital for a closer look. It is better to catch a problem early on than to have it become worse with time.
re:dog hi – i was recently told that my dog needs a cracked tooth extracted by one vet and another vet said her teeth had tartar but made no mention of a tooth extraction – would i be able to get a third opinion at one of the in store pet clinics? thank you! jane 8/8/13
Hi Jane, We would be happy to take a look in your dog’s mouth at one of the mobile clinics, but it might take some deeper examination to uncover a cracked tooth unless it is visible. If it is visible than our recommendation would be to have it removed as it may be causing some discomfort for your dog. This we cannot do at our mobile locations, since we are only a wellness clinic.
Hi! My dog has red marks on his inner back thighs. Some are raised but not pustule at all. They don’t seem to bother him much, but they are there. He also has dry patches on his inner front arms. Those he licks a lot. I just switched his food (again) because I was told it could be a food allergy. And last week, I bathed him with some Oatmeal conditioner. The next day, it looked better, but now it looks flushed. Not sure what to do. Please help! 8/3/13
Hi Danielle, Skin conditions can arise for different reasons, some of which are food allergy, allergy to something in the environment, lack of moisture and adequate oils in the coat, flea allergy and so on. The best thing to do is take your puppy dog into a full service Vet Hospital and have his skin looked at again to make sure it isn’t something that requires medication to treat.
Has the recommended requirements for DHPP changed from 3 years to 1 year and has the Bordetella changed from one year to 6 months? The reason given to me was that as the pet is exposed to a larger pet population the frequency of shots should increase. Is there any truth to this? I do not want to over vaccinate my pet. Thank you 8/2/13
Hi A. Neal, The DHPP vaccination is currently recommended to be given every 3 years in an adult dog who has received their full puppy series and had their first round of boosters as an adult. These are the current guidelines proposed by the American Animal Hospital Association. For the Bordetella vaccine we offer an intranasal that is labeled as good for one year, however if your dog has a lot of contact with other dogs in enclosed areas such as a doggie daycare, boarding facility or groomers, than they often require it every 6 months to ensure adequate protection. In this case we send you a reminder in 6 months so you can stay on track.
Hi Orpha, We do not have Revolution, but we do carry Advantage Multi. This is a prescription product that is also applied topically once-a-month and kills fleas, prevents Heartworm, and controls intestinal parasites such as roundworm and hookworm. It also controls ear mite infestations. If you want to pick up a single dose or a 6-mth box you can bring your kitty in to any of our mobile clinic locations. Thank you! The First Care Team
Hi – I need to get my dog neutered. He is about 1 1/2 and if so, how much does it cost? Thank you. 7/17/13
Hi Maria, We do not offer spay/neuter surgery at this time. You can go to, click on the tab across the top that says pet spay/neuter resources and on that page there will be a tool where you can enter your zipcode and find convenient low-cost options in your area. It is a great decision you are making to neuter your pet.
my cats eyei is tearing inhis right eye and is slightly close. should I take him to a clinic right away? 7/16/13
Hi Kathleen, This sounds like an infection or a virus and your cat should be seen right away by a full service pet hospital in order to get the right treatment before it gets an worse.
My 5 lb. chihuahua was found July 2012 in the streets..may have been about 3 yrs old at that time. Received her vaccines, including Rabies at that time. Some vets say she needs a rabies shot annually..yet I read that boosters are needed every three years. Which is correct for my dog? I am concerned because when she visits nursing homes and hotels they want to see her vaccine record. Please advise. Thanks. 7/16/13
Hi Gloria, Since you found your dog and she had unknown vaccine history to you, it is necessary to give her a booster vaccination of Rabies this July and then that vaccine will be good for 3 years.
If I bring my cat to a clinic, can the Doctor check her teeth and tell me if she needs further treatment? My 10 year old female has very bad breath and rubs the left side of her jaw when she eats dry food. Thank you! 7/14/13
Hi Dorothy, The symptoms you are mentioning sounds like she may be having dental issues. It is important to have your pets teeth checked regularly and cleaned at least yearly. Feel free to drop by one of our clinics for a closer inspection, although we may recommend she gets seen by a full-service Veterinarian.
We have a 7 year old Pug that had a staph infection inside her right ear that we treated about 6 months ago and it is slowly coming back. Do you offer treatment services at your location. Many Thanks in advance, Amber 7/8/13
Hi Amber, Currently we do not offer ear infection treatments at our mobile clinic, but soon will have these services available at our Mar Vista location. Check back, but in the meantime please seek treatment at a full-service hospital in your area.
A couple of weeks ago we came home from vacation only to discover we had a bird mite infestation! The source was a nest of sparrows in the eave of our roof. That was removed and Orkin was called. Three visits from Orkin and tons of cleaning later, the situation is much better. Our two cats have been of great concern throughout the ordeal but it does not appear that they are noticeably itchy or effected by the pinprick bites from the microscopic immature mites like we were at times (only mature mites are visible at .5 mm and we never saw any on our cats). Still they are due for an annual exam and an avian vet offered the advice that we should substitue Revolution which treats mites as well as fleas this month instead of their regular Advantage flea treatment, any thoughts on Revolution for bird mites? Should we go to a vet for a full exam or are your clinics equipped to assess this situation? Or do you only do vaccines? 6/29/13
Ear Mites are definitely a concern for your cats. You can visit any of our mobile clinics to have our Vets take a look, and even do a general cleaning if necessary. If an infestation is found our vets will help you outline the best treatment plan for your cats!
Hello, Can you prescribe Proin for a dog with incontinence? My dog’s previous vet will not continue to prescribe it unless I bring her in for an annual check-up. She’s 15 years old, and honestly I would rather spend that money on treats with good things for her teeth and joints than on a visit to the vet. However, if I do have to take her to a vet, the Centinela Feed Torrance location is much more convenient for me. Please let me know! Thanks, Alicyn 6/28/13
Hey Alicyon, Unfortunately we are not able to prescribe Prion at our mobile clinic. You will need to visit your regular vet for the exam required.
my dog coughs terrible like he is choking he does this 3-4 times a day. 6/28/13
Hi Caron, I need a bit more information. When your dog starts coughing is it after running/playing, eating/drinking, sleeping, or is it completely random? This could be something completely harmless, but im hesitant to say without more information. If you would like to bring your pup in to one of our clinics, we would be happy to take a quick look for you.
I brought my 5 year old Chihuahua in for her Bordetella and DHPP on Monday at the Torrance clinic. Minnie has been itching since the vaccination and it has lasted up until now. There is what looks like a rash on her front leg and the side of her body. What should I do? 6/27/13
As long as Minnie is eating and drinking normally, this doesn’t sound like a typical vaccine reaction. It could be caused by some type of allergy, so try liquid Benadryl to help with the scratching or bathing her with oatmeal shampoo. If the problem persists, I recommend you go in to see your vet.
I got my pup her first set of shots recently, and I was wondering how the de-worming medication was administered, because I don’t remember her getting any other shot besides the DHPP 6/23/13
Hey Gabbi, During each of your puppy’s 3 rounds of shots he/she will receive a general de-worming that prevents against round worm and hook worm. This is given orally in the form of a liquid. You may also decide to opt for a complete de-worming, that costs a little more but prevents against round, hook, whip, and tape worm. That comes in the form of a pill. I hope that answeres your question! :)
I hope you can help us. My husband and I have taken care of our daughter’s cat for the past 7 years. Ricky was diagnosed with diabetes last summer when our daughter was still living in Australia. We all decided to only modify his diet (he’s eating Purina DM) and not start insulin. Our daughter is now on the east coast and unable to care for the cat in her current living situation. He now weighs 8.5 pounds, is hungry all the time and is peeing frequently. We can no longer care for the cat due to changes in our living situation. What do you advise? Thanks. 6/17/13
I am very sorry to hear about your cat. There are several local organizations in Los Angeles that accept pet surrenders when a pet owner can no longer care for a pet. La County Animal control is one resource you may look into, there are also a number of other private organizations that can help as well. Good luck!
How old does a dog have to be to be neutered? Does your place do it or do you recommend someone else? Do you know the cost? WLA area is great. Thank You, Dee 6/12/13
Your pup can be as young as 2 months old to be neutered. 1st Care does not offer spay/neuter services right now, but there are a lot of places that do. I would recommend checking out
My dog keeps scratching his ears, but I dont see anything in them and they dont smell, should I worry? 6/11/13
If there is no smell, and you don’t see any residue or debris in the ear you should be ok, but just to be safe you should have a vet take a look with an otoscope. Any of our vets would be happy to look in your pups ear at any of our mobile clinics, that way you can avoid a costly vet visit!
We used to use Frontline for flea control but it stopped working (Advantage never worked for us). During the off season, natural remedies work for us, but not in the summer. What do we do now? 6/11/13
Advantage and Frontline are the most widely used over the counter flea control products, unfortunately this has led to fleas developing a tolerance to these products. We have seen great success with Comfortis which is a once a month pill, and Trifexis which is also a once a month pill that also protects against heartworm.
my 6 month old Pomeranian since birth does not bear weight on his rt back leg. hE IS PAINFREE growing well but runs on 3 legs,. This appears to be a neuro problem/? Can someone see him when he comes to Redondo for his vaccines ? thanku, Larry 6/7/13
We would be happy to take a look while you are at our Redondo Beach clinic for vaccines, hopefully after looking at your pup we can give you a little more insight into what’s wrong. We’ll see you this afternoon!
Do cats and dogs normally get along if they live under the same roof? 6/6/13
That is a very general question, but overall the answer is yes. This largely depends on you (the pet owner) and how you train and socialize your pets. Dogs especially need to be socialized with other dogs and with people from a young age, and they need to be taught the rules of the house. Always pay close attention when introducing 2 animals that are going to be living together, 9 times out of 10 they’ve just met their new best friend!
My dog keeps eating grass…. Is that ok? 6/6/13
Yes, eating grass is ok. Dogs are unable to digest grass since they lack the enzymes needed to break down the fibers. Therefore there is little nutritional value in it for them, but at it will not hurt them either.